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3:35pm on Tuesday, 3rd January, 2006:



I've added the popular Atom RSS-like format to QBlog's feeds. This is primarily so that users of feed readers such as Sage can see the whole of the site in their preferred digest format without having to suffer the occurrences of [br] etc. that plague other formats.

The reason Atom can do this is because it allows HTML to be embedded in feed files. It doesn't seem to want to display images, but I think that's probably a design feature.

My implementation of the Atom format is not quite accurate in that I don't give the correct time that files were updated. The date is right, but the hour is wrong — I just number them sequentially from 1am. This is because I can't get the exact time very easily, but at least feeder-viewing software will put the files in the right order when they're displayed until I get around to it. It's just a case of either reading the file stats or scanning the files to see what time they have embedded in them (which is probably how I should do it).

As usual, let me know if there are any problems. Oh, and the URL for the Atom feed is http://www.youhaventlived.com/qblog/QBlogAtom.rss.

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