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8:40am on Tuesday, 28th June, 2005:

A Foot Long


I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday.

This isn't something I do very often. I always buy plain, black Clarks shoes (which, as Roy Trubshaw once pointed out to me, is the case with all proper programmers — at least the male ones). These things last for years, even with daily use. The pair I'm replacing I got last century, and the only reason I'm replacing them is that the sole is getting thin (it had some strange, trainer-like air cushioning that meant there was less to wear through before I could feel coins when I stood on them). Also, my previous pair of shoes (bought in 1989 — I wore them at my PhD graduation ceremony) finally suirrendered to the ravages of being used for gardening. Thus, what were my everyday shoes yesterday morning have now been retired to be my gardening shoes (which is to say that I'll wear them when I cut the grass).

Now here's the weird thing. 25 years ago, my feet were borderline size 8½/9. They finally decided they were size 9 in the mid-1980s (the shoes I wore at my 1985 wedding were 8½, and they were a little tight). Since then, every pair of shoes or trainers or slippers or whatever I've bought has been a size 9.

The shoes I bought yesterday were 9½.

What gives?! No-one told me feet get bigger as you get older. I know ears do, but shoes aren't ears. It's not like I have half-inch toenails or anything. I'd like to think it was an aberration, but I tried on several size 9 shoes and all of them were too tight — even the wide fit ones. It could be a style change: I like shoes with rounded toes, but they didn't have any. The ones I did get aren't that pointy, though.

Gawd, what other surprises do I have in store as I get older?

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