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2:09pm on Monday, 27th June, 2005:



From Friday's Essex County Standard:

A man suspected of secretly filming female shoppers has been arrested in Colchester town centre. The 46-year-old from the town was stopped by store detectives at lunchtime on Monday in Woolworths, Culver Square, before being taken to Debenhams until police arrived. Colchester police said the man attracted the attention of staff while using a video camera to record females without their permission.

While I was in Woolworths this morning, a thought occurred to me about this. Other than the man's own pictures, do the store detectives have any evidence that he was recording females without their permission? Well yes, of course they do: Woolworths, as with every other large store in Colchester and all the public spaces in the town centre, has CCTV cameras. But how can the CCTV pictures prove that the man was recording females without their permission unless the CCTV operators were also recording those same females without their permission?

"We record you to stop people from recording you" doesn't sound much of an excuse to me...

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