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6:18pm on Tuesday, 26th April, 2005:

Catch up


I like going away on trips to exotic places (Stockholm last week, Milwaukee this) but ho boy, does catching up take time.

Over the weekend, I read and commented on two 40-page student projects that have to be handed in on Wednesday, and today I had to read and comment on them all over again. Terra Nova exploded with discussion about SOE's jumping of the shark and it took ages just to read, let alone to respond to. I had to prepare for a two-hour revision lecture tomorrow at 9am (horrifyingly early, but possibly containing exam answers — what a dilemma for students!), and my elder daughter required me to act as a taxi service for her two days in a row. No, make that three days, as I had to go to Colchester to buy her a new bus pass. Add to that the fact that Sunday was my wife's birthday (so we had to go out) and we also had to go shopping on Saturday (so she had some presents to open on Sunday), and it's amazing I had any time left at all to play Patrician III for 4 hours last night...

And we're having a new staircase fitted, so there's a man constantly revving up an ear-splitting atomic saw that almost drowns out the lethal-decibel ghetto blaster he has thundering Radio 2 out of all day. I'd complain, but he also has a nail gun banned under at least three strategic weapon conventions.

This is just the kind of moment when the university chooses to me some more pointless forms to fill in. Thank gawd my email system is down at the moment (thanks to Norton choking on itself again).

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