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9:05am on Friday, 25th November, 2005:

Bad Weather Precautions


Whenever there's a chance of overnight snow, the council sends out its fleet of gritter lorries. For well over half the time, this has its desired effect: the snow, seeing that there's grit on the roads, decides to fall elsewhere instead. Similarly, whenever the snow does decide to appear, for well over half the time the council has fallen for the bluff and hasn't gritted the roads.

When explanations for the preparedness of the local council rely on anthropomorphising the weather, you know there's something dismal going on...

Last night, for example, the council gritted the roads. The roads weren't wet (so no danger of ice) and if we're going to get any of the snow that's rumoured to be heading our way it won't be until much later today. Everyone but the council seemed to be aware of this, so why grit the roads last night? After the grit has been ground to dust under the wheels of thousands of cars, the roads will have to be re-gritted today.

The snow is watching, waiting to make its move...

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