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9:25am on Wednesday, 21st December, 2005:

Oh, the Shame


A while back, I referred to Anglia TV presenter Sascha Williams as "chirpy, broken-nosed". It turns out her nose isn't broken, it's merely bent as a result of her being hit in the face with a football.

How do I know this?

Yes, I've been here before...

Thanks to Google, Sascha found my blog posting and emailed me about it today.


I don't mind insulting people behind their backs, venal coward that I am, but to their face is highly embarrassing. It's a little ironic, as only this morning I was thinking that the new studio set-up they had made Sascha's conk look far less wonky, and that maybe it was only bad lighting that had given me that impression. Too late, though!

Fortunately, as with Stephen Lee, I seem to have been lucky in my choice of innocent target and Sascha is not at all aggrieved, so is not at this moment preparing a report into my shady financial dealings or forays into illegal cat racketeering. I hope.

Once again, though, it's really refreshing when someone off TV turns out to be a regular person rather than the touchy egomaniac that is the general stereotype. Sascha didn't have to email me, but she did, which is really rather nice. And although I may have been wrong about the broken nose, I'm definitely right with the chirpy.

Gawd, I hope Tom Cruise doesn't get onto me about that whole one middle tooth thing...

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