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8:43am on Tuesday, 8th November, 2005:

Single Camera


During the breakfast TV programme GMTV News Hour, there's a switch to local news at about 20 to 7.

For years, Anglia TV has been using a two-camera approach to this. The presented will be looking to their left, and say something super-cheerfully like, "Hello! And welcome to Anglia TV news and weather!". Then, the camera switches to a front view and the presenter adopts a deathly serious face to announce, "Police found the body of a man in woods near Chelmsford ...". Best at this is the chirpy, broken-nosed Sascha Williams, but they're all guilty of it at times. We find it highly amusing here in the Bartle household, but I suppose we might not if the body found in the woods belonged to someone we knew.

Of late, perhaps as a way of addressing this apparent schizophrenia among its presenters, Anglia been trying a single-camera solution. The presenter says their hellos, then goes straight into the news item. This means they have to start off serious, as they have no opportunity to switch expression; gravitas is thus returned to the news.

This morning, I-dye-my-hair-to-appear-interesting presenter Stephen Lee spoke as follows: "Hello, and a very warm welcome to Anglia Television this morning. A boy has died in a house fire ...".

Not the best choice of words, I thought.

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