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11:03pm on Wednesday, 21st September, 2005:

Lying Guide Books


Having now given my lecture and had a tour of the Waaggebouwe (why didn't I bring my camera?!) I can now reliably say that it was not where the anatomical lesson in The Anatomical Lesson of Professor Tulp took place. It wasn't ananatomical theatre at that time. Apparently, lots of guide books make this mistake. Naughty naughty, Mr Baedeker...

As is often the case when I speak abroad, the audience was far more accepting of computer games than when I speak in England. I really can't envisage being able to cover the same issues back home that I did here in front of so many interested people — computer games just don't have the same degree of respect. In England, it's as if I'm regarded as making a silk purse out of a sow's ear: trying to disguise something worthless to give the impression it has value. Here, though, I can go into significant depth and, what's more, be understood. I got some genuinely interesting questions, at least one of which I'm probably going to blog on Terra Nova.

Incidentally, my decision to take only one pair of trousers with me backfired further. I walked into a metal plantpot (er, plantmetal?) and tore them. Before I came here, these were my best trousers that weren't part of a suit; now, they are ingrained with milk and have a hole in the knee.

And all on the same day I ate my first plate of chips with mayonnaise instead of salt and vinegar...

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