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12:44pm on Wednesday, 21st September, 2005:



Back in 1987, when I was doing the touristy thing, one of the items on my itinerary was the Waaggebouwe, or weigh house. I went out of my way to look at it, as it wasn't near anywhere else I wanted to go, and I was disappointed I couldn't get inside.

De Waagggebouwe is an old guild hall which they turned into a place for weighing heavy objects (anchors and so on); later, it was converted into an anatomy (operating) theatre, and it is where the anatomical lesson in the famous Rembrandt painting The Anatomical Lesson of Professor Tulp took place.

More recently, it has become a lecture hall. It's where the group called De WAAG hold their meetings. It's where I'm speaking tonight.


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