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6:38pm on Tuesday, 20th September, 2005:



I found a wireless network. No idea whose it is, but hey, while it's up...

Talking of jigsaw puzzles, I've been to Amsterdam before, for a week in 1987. On the last day, I made a special trip to see the Magere Bridge, which I knew from a jigsaw puzzle I used to do as a child. The hotel I'm staying in this time round is The Bridge Hotel, and yes, it's on the Amstel and the Magere Bridge is about 50 metres away...

I had a quick walk around just now, and was surprised how much I remembered — even individual shops. I haven't gone into the historic centre yet, though: it was seedy enough back in 1987, but judging by how much the Rembrantsplein has gone downhill (and it was tacky 18 years ago!) I'm not looking forward to it.

I couldn't find a decent-looking restaurant (I smelled cannabis more often than garlic) so I'm cracking open the chocolate.

Ah, Cadbury's!

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