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1:47pm on Sunday, 11th September, 2005:

Puzzle Pieces


Jigsaw puzzles are always advertised as having "1,000 pieces" or "2,000 pieces" or whatever, but often those numbers don't quite fit the actual dimensions. For example, a "750 pieces" puzzle might measure 34 pieces by 22, giving only 748 in total. In the olde days, this didn't matter, but consumer projection laws are now finicky enough that puzzle manufacturers will routinely split pieces in two in order to make up the shortfall (because two half-pieces count as two pieces).

My younger daughter is currently doing a "1,500 pieces" jigsaw puzzle that includes these two:

When I first saw these, I thought that maybe it had over 1,500 pieces and was studiously (albeit unusually) combining some to bring the total down. However, the puzzle measures 50 by 30 pieces, so would have exactly 1,500 anyway if it kept to standard sizes.

So what are the weird piece shapes about, then?

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