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7:35pm on Friday, 17th June, 2005:

Next of Kin


In today's spam:

From The Desk Of
Barrister Godson Dele,
46, Etim Karimu Crescent,
Victoria Island,Lagos. Nigeria.

Dear Richard A. Bartle,

Compliment of the season, please accept my
unsoilicited mail to you. Firstly let me introduce
myself to you. I am Barrister Godson Dele a solicitor
at law. I am the personal attorney to Mr.Gideon
Bartle, a native of your country, who is based and
work with the LNG (liquified Natural Gas) company here
in Nigeria. On the 15th of August 2001, my client, his
wife And their two children were involved in a car
accident along Sango Otta, Abeokuta expressway. All
occupants of the vehicle unfortunately lost there

I think you can probably guess the rest. He can't find the next of kin of Gideon Bartle and wants to present me as such so we can split a pot of "USD$10.5million dollars" the dead man had squirrelled away. Presumably the fact that my father is still alive and well would not make him a closer next of kin if this were challenged in court.

It's another variation on the 419 scam I mentioned the other day, but using (presumably!) software to insert names into the email to personalise it more. It's a shame Godson didn't invest in a spell-checker, too, but we can't have everything.

I don't think this scam is going to be very successful, especially given that he gives his email address as "godsondele2003@yahoo.coc". Anyone stupid enough to fall for it isn't going to be smart enough to figure that .coc should be .com...

As for the name, I wonder if he's been trying this since 2003, or if there are 2002 other people called Godson Dele with Yahoo accounts (but absolutely no Google matches on their name whatsoever)?

Compliment of the season.

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