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12:29pm on Wednesday, 11th May, 2005:

Two for One


I just bought 12 yoghurts in Sainsbury's. I didn't actually want 12 yoghurts, I wanted 6, but they had a two-for-one deal so I wound up with 12. There's a chance I'll eat them all before the expiry date (28th May), but since I normally go through only 3 or 4 a week it's unlikely. Oh well, maybe if I eat twice as many I'll become twice as healthy?

In other shopping news, I won two frowns at the delicatessen counter. The woman there did the "just over" thing and tried to sell me 446g of turkey slices when I'd asked for 400g. I said, "That's not 'just over'" and she frowned at me. I guess these people don't like their professional judgment being called into question.

"It's only 46g over", she replied, taking off a slice in the hope that it weighed more than 46g.

It didn't. What was left weighed 412g. "OK, that's 'just over'", I smiled.

She frowned again. I guess they don't like having the knife twisted in them, either.

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