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5:53pm on Tuesday, 10th May, 2005:



Yesterday, I and my revision class waited patiently outside our scheduled lecture room waiting for the previous lecture there to finish. I was due to start at 2pm, so when 2pm duly came along and there was still talking in the room I was faced with an awkward situation. Do I go in and demand that they vacate the room, thereby winning the lecturer's animosity? Or do I wait outside and glare at them when they finally deign to appear? The problem was made worse by the fact that the revision lecture timetable is a bit flaky, and it was quite possible that I had a 1-hour lecture scheduled at the same time as someone else had a 2-hour lecture.

This is a dilemma I've faced before, however, and I decided to act! On the stroke of 2pm, I took hold of the doorhandle and ...

...and the door was locked. Augh! There was another room free down the corridor, and I was about to march everyone down to commandeer it when the door was unlocked and a student peered out at me. "Do you have a class in here?", he asked. My look of "See that wall? Your head's going through it if you don't get out of my way" seemed to answer his question, so he and the other student in the room left.

It's bad enough not being able to lecture because some member of staff has lacks the ability to read a wall clock, but when it's a couple of students denying access to a couple of dozen other students... Grrr...

I had another revision lecture today in a different room, only this one had a glass panel in the door. When I arrived at 10 to 2 and looked inside, I found a student sitting there working. 30 seconds later, he was on his way to the library like everyone else. "The library is too noisy", he complained. Not as noisy as his teeth would have been after I'd shaken them out of his head.

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