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2:22pm on Monday, 7th November, 2005:



My car wouldn't start this morning. Monday morning is the most common time for cars not to work, so there was no chance of getting anyone over to fix it right away. I have a chap coming round this afternoon "sometime".

Anyway, on account of this, I had to go to work by bus. That's not a problem for me, though, because there's a 20-minute servive from West Bergholt to Colchester and a 10-minute service from Colchester to the university.


I waited for the Bergholt-Colchester bus for 45 minutes before it arrived. It was crammed full of people, on account of how it had to pick up two, perhaps three buses worth of passengers. The guy who sat next to me was like 6'4" tall and in his 70s. Judging by the hacking cough he had, we won't be reaching his 80s. Of course, he was so big that he couldn't fit in facing straight ahead, so he faced sideways into the aisle and crushed me against the window when he leaned back.

I waited for the Colchester-university bus for only 25 minutes before it came. I finally got to the university with 20 minutes to spare before the 11am, earliest I absolutely had to be there (to meet a student). I'd planned on getting there well before 10am. Great.

On the way home, there were two buses due within a minute of each other. One was for Stansted Airport and there were lots of people loading stuff onto it, so I thought I'd get on the next one instead as it would probably leave first. Yes, well I was right, it did leave first — mainly because it didn't stop. As soon as it went past, the Stansted bus pulled away and I had to wait another 15 minutes for a bus. When it arrived, it was one which also served the hospital, so I had to ensure several other people's alarming coughs for most of the journey. Gawd knows what germs I've picked up...

The Colchester-Bergholt bus arrived only 5 minutes late, which wasn't bad. Of course, it had to be the bus where the driver was being taught the route by a scary, short-haired Australian woman (hmm, looking worryingly like a female clown), so by the time it got to Bergholt it was another 10 minutes late on top of that.

We got the car in March 1999, and it's been reliable so far. If it's going to start breaking down, though, we'll have to throw it away and get a new one...

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