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10:21am on Sunday, 6th November, 2005:

Time Travel Talk


Oh, I forgot to mention something that happened to me last week.

I was in Colchester, outside Marks and Spencer's (not that this is especially relevant) and I saw an old bloke selling British Legion poppies for the poppy day appeal. I always buy a poppy, and he looked like he was a bit cold in the wind and not doing much business, so I thought I'd get one from him. In fact, as none of us had our poppies yet, I'd get four.

The conversation I had with him was bizarre, as if I was in some kind of delayed-action time-travel bubble.

Me: I'd like four poppies, please.
Him: What?
Me: If I give you a quid, is that alright?
Him: Four, yes.
Me: That's good, they all have the leaves on this year.
Him: Yes, a pound's fine.
Me: OK, here you are, thanks.
Him: People seem to like them more with the leaves.
Me: Bye.
Him: Thank you, goodbye.

If there was a hidden camera, I didn't see it.

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