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7:46am on Thursday, 28th March, 2024:



I've finished marking my CE317 assignments and today can start with CE217.

Here are the CE317 out-takes from last year's assignment.

The Sheriffs were severely injured and none made it out alive. One of the men scarified them self.
Doug is reluctant to go back until the chivalry arrive.
Thaergen knows he's usually a long wolf when it comes to most things in life
when they enter the pyramid they start to hear noses
Björn waisted and shouted in every direction her name.
The pain of seeing so many degenerates being manipulated by rouge familiars motivates him enough to become stronger.
He was shot deaf by a thousand bullets.
When she stepped into the house, she found that her faiy had been brutally killed
In a small town not far from the city, which hanged people are everywhere.
A different one tells her that she has become a supermoan.
The thing that causes this situation is called fog, which is the product of brain lobotomy cooperation
Honestly from the perspective of story logic, this man does not need to exist. The purpose of his existence is only to satisfy 'Rescue from Without'.
He thanks the king for all the lessons, puts the cloak on and then proceeds to wall past the throne

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