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1:49pm on Thursday, 21st March, 2024:



I'm marking student assessments now, and will be for the next few weeks.

Last week was the CE317/CE817 assignment deadline. I was told I had until 9th April to mark its 62 submissions.

This week was the CE217 assignment deadline. I was told I had until 5th April to mark its 50 submissions.

So ... the CE217 deadline was a week after the CE317 deadline but I have to mark it by a week before the CE317 deadline? While also marking CE317?

I told the School Office that that's not going to happen and was therefore giving them advanced warning that I would not be able to complete the marking of the CE217 assignment by 5th April.

The School Office replied. Apparently there was a mistake, a number was copied from the wrong column and my CE217 assignment deadline was 12th April.

This is a game we play every year at this time. The School Office always gives me an earlier deadline for the later assignment then when I say I can't make it discovers it to be a mistake.

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