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12:18pm on Thursday, 8th February, 2024:



My wife managed to break her wooden spatula this week. She's had it since before I knew her, so was very attached to it.

Fortunately, she had a spare that came with a wok we bought a couple of decades ago. Unfortunately, it's rather larger than her old one.

Tempted though I am to offer to cut 2cm from the edge and sand it down a bit, I'm not confident that I could do it professionally enough to meet my wife's inscrutable standards, so I'm keeping quiet.

If it had been me who had broken the spatula, I'd be in serious trouble. In all its years, I never actually used it, though, because I have a wooden spoon my mother gave me when I went to university that I use instead.

OK, so my wife insists that her mother gave her that spoon, so I'd probably be in trouble if I broke that, but it seems reasonably robust so I think I'm OK for a while yet.

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