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9:32am on Sunday, 5th May, 2024:

Matters More


Off we go with another five Matters from Bhéwonom. I realise that the book reads as if it's an anthology, but there is actually a direction of travel here, promise!

Matters 31-35 can be located at https://www.youhaventlived.com/bhéwonom/Matters%2031-35.pdf, with the whole book so far at http://www.bhéwonom.com/. It has a draft cover now, too!

The titles are:
Matter 31: The Luckiest Man in the World
Matter 32: Undisclosed Location
Matter 33: Camping in Glencoe
Matter 34: Gig
Matter 35: The Ignorance of Generation Z

I've dropped one Matter from the book: The Judgement of ChatGPT. In it, one of the judges solicits ChatGPT's opinion on our reality and gets nowhere with it. It was a useful chapter in that it gave some insight into what the judge trully wanted to know and resulted in their gradual realisation that something can superficially appear to be sapient without actually being sapient. However, I'm concerned that at some point Amazon is going to run AI-detection software over text of the books it sells and won't be able to separate in-context uses of ChatGPT from direct uses. I don't want Bhéwonom being flagged (ironically, byAI) as having been written by AI, so the chapter was removed.

For the same reason, Matter 19, which hints that the two eminent physics professors from Matter 8 in Erwā are connected with the NSA, may also have to go. For their pretentious and flowery thesaurus-laden review, I reasoned that they'd have drawn on ChatGPT so I sprinkled in some choice, saccharine turns of phrase that it obligingly spat out for me. Almost all of Matter 8 doesn't regurgitate ChatGPT's outpourings but, given that I wanted to give the vague impression that it had been used, that might not be enough to save it.

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