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12:27pm on Monday, 5th February, 2024:



I came across this chap in an antiques shop at the weekend.

Does anybody have their eyes that far apart and angled like that? Someone whose job it was to carve these things from wood every day would surely be good enough at their task that it couldn't have been created by accident. I guess it was done to sell more figures, although I'm not entirely sure what the original purpose of such a figure might have been. The guy is holding his trousers with his right hand and something vaguely potato-shaped with his left (but probably not a potato, as it changes colour). His jacket looks like a minstrel jacket from the 1920s, but I don't think they had hand mics back then. Even if they did, why would someone carve a half life-size model of such a singer?

There's definitely a market for these things among people who want to remember this part of our collective history, although whether they want one as a comment on the past or to long for its return is another matter.

Yours for £280, anyway.

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