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8:47am on Wednesday, 31st May, 2023:



I was asked by a colleague yesterday whether I would be the second supervisor for a PhD student he's hoping to take on. PhDs are supposed to take 3 years but often take longer, but I'm 63 and the retirement age is 67 so I figured I should be OK.

I thought I'd better check the actual date I could receive my state pension, though, so logged in to the government web site. I received a pleasant surprise. It turns out that yes, 67 is the retirement age, but the change from 65 to 67 wasn't all done at once. If you were born at the right time, you get to retire at 66. It seems that I was born at the right time: my retirement date is my birthday, 2026, not 2027 as I was expecting (and have been telling everyone it is for years).

I checked my wife's retirement date. She's two years younger than me, and she starts receiving her state pension on her birthday in 2029.

When I told her this, her response was "So I'm retiring three years from now, then".

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