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8:46am on Saturday, 27th May, 2023:



Hmm, I was wondering why the students who spelled the word "mimicry" as "mimicy" in my CE217 exam outnumbred the ones who spelled it correctly by five to one. It turns out it was mis-spelled it in the exam question (twice!). I don't know how it happened; it's fine in the .docx versions of the paper and answer paper I have, but it's not in the .pdf version that the students sat.

I missed it, the checker missed it and the external examiner missed it. Fortunately, it wasn't crucial and no-one has lost marks over it. Still, it's a little embarrassing.

This doesn't, of course, explain why students spelled the word "committee" variously as committe, commitee, comitte, commite, comitee, commitie and committy — despite its being spelled correctly in the exam paper.

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