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11:18am on Sunday, 21st May, 2023:

Licence to Lose


Firk Ding Blast! I knew I'd find my paper driving licence as soon as I received its replacement. I KNEW I'd find it!

You know how inside a jacket pocket there are sometimes washing instructions on a flap of cloth? I wore a new jacket when I went to Düsseldorf last month and it had just such a set of instructions. My driving licence had got behind them, so when I felt around inside I missed it. It was only after much systematic memory-searching that I noticed I hadn't taken the driving licence out of the pocket, so had a more thorough search.

Damn! Damn it! My new licence expires after 10 years and I have to get a replacement, but my paper one has no expiry date and I could have used it indefinitely (or until I was guilty of a driving offence requiring an endorsement).

Now, I'm going to have to cut up my old licence and send it back to the DVLA.

I KNEW I'd find the old one. I just knew it.

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