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10:12am on Saturday, 21st January, 2023:

Pass 2


The votes for the least-worst covers for my book-in-progress Dheghōm are in.

There was a clear preference for cover 12 among people who had read the book, with the related cover 3 showing well, too. Cover 9 also had some traction among readers. Cover 7 was by far the favourite of people who hadn't read the book, although cover 12 (again) also placed.

Taking this on board, along with the comments I received (some of which were extremely helpful, if not always within my abilities to act upon very well), I've put together another set of possibilities. Most of them are variations on the winning themes from pass 1, but some combine themes and a few are new.

The resulting covers are shown below. Because thumbnails don't give all the details, I put full-sized versions at https://youhaventlived.com/dhegh%C5%8Dm/pass2.htm. Click on the thumbnail there and it will open the big version.

Let me know what you think, please, good or bad...

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