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3:40pm on Friday, 19th May, 2023:



With all that's been going on of late, I neglected to mention that I've published my book, Dheghōm — that one I kept asking your opinions of regarding which of the covers I put together was the least worst.

It's available at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dhegh%C5%8Dm-Richard-Bartle/dp/1915964008. I can't see that it will sell many copies, given that you can't search for it without using that hard-to-type macron over the o.

If you're in the acknowledgements, just give me an address (richard@mud.co.uk) and I'll send you a free copy. Hmm, this means I should probably list who's in the acknowledgements:
Madeleine Bartle
Hazel Speed
Bridget Agabra
Viktor Toth
Alexandros Katsiamakas
Sjak Centauri
Jenny Bartle
Jacob Cord
Pat Parslow
Stella Belessi
Christian Fonnesbech

No, Madeleine, you don't get a second free copy, I already gave you yours.

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