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9:35am on Thursday, 16th March, 2023:

Under Pressure


Student: Can you help me with my assignment please?
Me: What sort of help?
Student: I want to know if my idea is good.
Me: You were supposed to have decided on your idea eight weeks ago!
Student: I know, but I've only just started.
Me: I told you not to leave it until the last moment!
Student: I work better under pressure.
Me: You won't have time! I stressed, heavily, that you shouldn't wait until the week before the deadline before starting!
Student: I work better under pressure and that's just the way it is.
Me: You work better under pressure?
Student: Yes.
Me: So you want pressure?
Me: Well in that case, you'll work better if I don't help you, won't you?
Student: Er...

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