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11:55am on Monday, 16th January, 2023:



My brother-in-law and his wife got me this for my birthday:

It's a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle with completely transparent pieces.

What made it hard:
- No picture.
- The backs and fronts of the pieces are indistinguishable, so each has 8 possible orientations.
- The number of pieces along each edge of the puzzle wasn't given.

What made it easy:
- Every piece with the same configuration of lugs and holes was identical to each other.
- There were three extra pieces, allowing for some flexibility.
- It was a 300-piece puzzle, rather than a 1,000-piece or similar.

In the end, my wife took it over because I was doing it "wrong" so I didn't have much trouble completing it.

Now to get a photograph printed the same size, so I can make it look as if it's a jigsaw puzzle.

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