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4:54pm on Tuesday, 12th September, 2023:



It's the IGGI conference this week. IGGI is a doctoral training programme (Intelligent Games, Games Intelligence) that Essex University was a part of for its first five years (this is IGGI year ten). I still attend the conference because it''s interesting and there are former students around whom I know (some who are now lecturers).

I arrived early at Liverpool Street this morning, so figured I'd save myself some money and walk from there to Queen Mary University London, where the event is taking place. It's about three quarters of an hour away on foot.

I realised that if the weather was hot then this could be a mistake and I'd arrive with huge sweat patches on my shirt. However, the weather was not hot, so I set off.

I have to say, there's a wide range of smells to be experienced along the Mile End Road, almost none of which are pleasant. They come from many different sources and interact with each other in frightening ways. I'll therefore be taking the tube back; there'll still be some horrifying smells but I won't be stuck with them for as long.

After thirty minutes of walking this morning, the weather hotted up and I did indeed arrive with huge sweat patches on my shirt.

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