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12:24pm on Friday, 10th March, 2023:



I had a Zoom presentation today at a conference in Freiburg, Germany (which is on today and tomorrow).

My keynote was at 10am there, 9am here, which wasn't a problem for me and indeed turned out to be advantageous. My Internet connection uses point-to-point radio or microwave or something, because cable hasn't reached our street. It doesn't get on well with snow. Against all weather forecaster promises, it started snowing just before the talk. While I was in the Q&A, the snow thickened up and I started getting messages from Zoom telling me my Internet connection was unstable. Shortly afterwards, it went down and I've been offline for two hours. I expect I'll be offline again soon, too.

My talk, if you're interested is about problems with grouping in MMOs. The talk was for an audience with wide interests in players and their characters, so my opening slides are the usual ones introducing myself. I then describe Player Types enough for people who haven't heard of them to hear of them and for those who have heard of them to survive without getting too bored. Finally, I get onto the problem that virtual worlds have with groups, namely that the path players follow ends up with them always playing with the same people, making it hard for newbies to make social connections. The solution I propose isn't too hard: chunk newbies up into cohorts by having them play in close proximity to each other for awhile, so they have time to bond.

Anyway, the slides are at https://mud.co.uk/richard/Freiburg.pdf if you're interested. Well, they're there whether you're interested or not, to be honest!

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