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8:24am on Monday, 9th January, 2023:



You may have noticed that I've been inflicting you with the text of my SF book Dheghōm in recent weeks. Having taken on board all the suggestions for improvement I received, and acted on a good many of them, the book has now got to the stage where I'm looking to publish it.

My experience with book publishers, agents and the publishing industry in general has long since eroded all hope I may have once had that anything I write might be taken up and appear in bookstores, so I'm not even going to send it out to be rejected. Instead, I'll be publishing it myself, like I do with the Lizzie Lott books.

This means I need a cover. Thanks to interminable and pointless Zoom meetings, I've managed to create dozens and dozens of these, some along similar themes and some that are one-offs. I used a few to illustrate my posts, so you may recognise them. Anyway, below are the 12 that have achieved some kind of grudging consensus between me, my elder daughter (who has read the book), my younger daughter (who has read some of it) and my wife (who wouldn't read it except perhaps at knifepoint).

What I'd like to know is whether any of these would actually tempt you to buy the book. This isn't an underhand way of suggesting you do buy it, but rather an honest request for your opinion. The cover I wound up with for How to Be a God came out of a discussion like this and it changed out of all recognition thanks to the feedback I received.

Some of the potential covers will make better sense to those of you who have read the book, but may still appeal to those who haven't. I have a bunch more, as I said, so if you think one is close-but-no-cigar but you like the concept, I may have an alternative stashed away that works better. If none of them work, well, that's useful to know, too.

All the images were generated using Midjourney, because I can't draw to save my life. This means they can be thought of indicatively ("I like that one, except...").

Anyway, here they are — your thoughts, please!

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