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12:13pm on Monday, 6th November, 2023:

No-Bonfire Night


It was Bonfire Night yesterday, so as is traditional we went to see the fireworks.

There was no bonfire, on account of how changes to the law and insurance company policies meant that the organisers needed the fire brigade to be on hand and a special accelerant to be used for lighting the fire that wasn't as effective as regular accelerant.

The fireworks were good, with some new colours and some much sharper and intense scintillas. They were well thrown up, too, especially the finale — a sky full of glittering gold sheets of sparks.

That said, three things let it down a bit.
1) The accompanying music wasn't loud enough. When the fireworks are meant to be timed to music, you need to hear the music. This isn't usually a problem, but it was this year.
2) There was a drone buzzing around recording the show, which was very distracting. If it didn't have red and green flashing lights on it then it might have been more tolerable, or if it had stayed stationary with just a red light on it like a second drone did.
3) There was a too-long lull near the end and everyone thought the show was over. The presenter had to grab the mic and tell us that it wasn't finished. I know firework displays have periods where not much happens, to spin them out a bit, but they shouldn't have ones were nothing happens for sufficiently long that people thing the display has ended.

For reasons of miscommunication, I bought two more tickets for the display than I needed to buy, so I gave them away at the entrance to a young couple who were trying and failing to buy some over the phone. They offered to pay me, but I declined. That's my place in Heaven assured, then.

Overall, it was a good display. The fireworks were excellent but there was room for improvement elsewhere. I shall endeavour to attend next year on Bonfire Night, as usual.

I expect they'll re-use the same Guy they had this year, seeing as how they didn't set him ablaze this time round.

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