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7:19am on Sunday, 4th June, 2023:

Oyster Fair


We went to the Colchester Oyster Festival Medieval Fayre yesterday.

As usual, it was well worth £6 to get in, although unfortunately it cost £12. It was populated by regular folk and a very large assortment of people in medieval garb, plus some goths, some elves and some cavaliers.

This year, it wasn't raining, nor had it rained for several days, so for once we were able to walk around without ruining our shoes to mud.

We attend the Fayre largely because we want to support it, although there is a fudge stand there we particularly like. They had a new variety this year, "mango and white chocolate", which tasted exactly how you'd expect it to taste were its name "pineapple".

We also bought some ceramic coasters for our younger daughter, because they had robins on them and she wants them for Christmas. Yes, she does like to plan ahead.

On the way home, we noticed an enormous queue outside the police station — much longer than the one for the Medieval Fayre. It was mainly parents and children, there for an open day. I'd have been tempted to go myself, but I don't think they would have sold fudge.

Oh, we didn't have any oysters at the Medieval Fayre, in case you were wondering. There was a stall selling them, but I had an oyster once and found it to be akin to swallowing seafood-flavoured snot so I wasn't tempted. I'm going to stick to fudge (as, indeed, it sticks to me if it gets too warm).

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