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9:18am on Tuesday, 29th November, 2022:



I'm heading off back home today from an amazing conference. As is often the case with conferences, it's the out-of-timetabled interactions with people that are of more use than the formal events.

It was basically Davos for the European game industry — the kind of event where most people feel as if they're imposters because of who else is there, who are themselves feeling the same way. It's always hard to get high-powered people to go to events, rather than send juniors, because they don't know if other high-powered people are going to be there too. However, if they're all prepared to jump in together, the precedent is set. The regular Gamelab conferences have been going for long enough that people were willing to take that risk. Next time, it won't be a risk.

Yes, I could drop names, but I'm not going to do so (not because I'm not a name-dropper, but because there are too many names to drop). I will say that it's amazing when someone who has just spent four hours signing autographs for members of the public is up for a chat with someone they've never met before (that is, me).

I'd certainly come back next year, if invited. I rather fear I'm not high-powered enough, though.

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