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2:47pm on Thursday, 24th November, 2022:



I'm off to Tenerife tomorrow for the Gamelab Summit. My impression is that it'll be a bit like the old Project Horseshoe event that ran pre-Covid in the USA, except with the zaniness and informality dialled down by about 90%.

Normally I fly from Stanstead, but that's becoming less attractive now that Easyjet has left and Ryanair dominates. It's getting to the point where I can fit more in my pockets than I can fit in hand luggage of the allowed dimensions.

This time, I'm flying British Airways, though, which means my flight leaves from Heathrow. It also means my return flight lands at Gatwick, so I'll have to travel to and from the airports by train rather than by car. I'm lucky, in that it appears there won't be a strike among rail workers on the days in question, but you never know with these things. I expect they hadn't looked at when the England matches were when they chose the dates, otherwise they'd have had those days off. Given that we're playing on Friday and Tuesday, I'm rather glad they didn't (but also somewhat frustrated because I'll miss seeing the matches live myself).

Now to decide whether the premium I'll have to pay for checking the "I'm waiting for a test result" box on the travel insurance web site is worth it.

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