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9:49am on Saturday, 24th September, 2022:

Google Ads


I don't like some of Google's advertising practices.

Often, if I do a search for a company, the first result that shows up is an ad for that company's web site. The second result, which isn't an ad, is for that same web site. Most people are going to click on the first result, the ad, giving Google money that it doesn't really deserve. That ad is not serving the company paying for it at all. If it wasn't there, people would click on the new first result, the non-ad, which would take them to the exact same web site.

I dare say that Google might throw a lawyer at anyone who put together a web site that accepted queries, sent them to Google, accepted the results and scraped out all the ads before presenting them to the user. However, they might have a harder time in court if the intermediate site only cut out the first ad when immediately followed by the site it was advertising, leaving the rest in place.

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