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1:29pm on Monday, 20th June, 2022:



I was coming home from a walk this morning at about 8:15 when I heard panting behind me.


I was on a very narrow country lane often favoured by dog walkers, so I wasn't too worried. After it started up, it didn't seem to be getting any closer, though.


It wasn't constant, either. It would last a few seconds then stop, then after another few seconds start up again.


I looked over my shoulder to see what kind of dog it was, but the lane was empty. There was only me there. Whatever was panting must have been in one of the fields, behind the hedge.


It was definitely stalking something — moving quickly then stopping, then moving quickly again. I rather hoped it wasn't stalking me.


Then, it stopped and didn't restart. Whether it had got where it was going or was simply taking a rest, I don't know. There was no more panting on the rest of the journey, except by two dogs on leads that I later encountered being walked in the opposite direction.

My morning walks aren't normally that creepy. I understand now why my grandfather used to take a walking stick with him when he went for long walks down country lanes, despite his not needing one for walking purposes.

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