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9:54am on Thursday, 15th September, 2022:

Pointing Out


My Final Fantasy XIV subscription expired yesterday and I decided not to renew it. I may return next year, to keep my credentials intact, but a switch to another MMO may be in order.

As usual, I made the mistake of interpreting "your subscription expires in 1 day" as meaning my final day would be the next one, not the current one. As a result, I am one quest away from getting some kind of flying hippo mount and my guildmates (members of the same free company, in FFXIV terms) will have no idea what's happened. Ah well.

I spent the evening messing around with Midjourney again. I have found no reliable way to get an image of someone pointing their finger at the camera out of it. I can set up the pose, but Midjourney is even worse at hands than it is at eyes, and I always end up with some kind of shapeless meat lump instead of an accusing finger. I'll have another bash at it tonight.

Maybe if I ask for a hippo pointing, it won't matter. Hmm...

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