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1:55pm on Friday, 14th January, 2022:



I bought myself some new cufflinks for my birthday, in preparation for that time in the distant future when I have cause to wear a shirt that needs them.

As you can see, they each contain 2d6. They do work as dice, but I'm a little disappointed because they're not standard (the numbers on opposite faces don't add up to 7). Still, next time a colleague asks me to generate a series of random number so see how good I am at generating sequences of random numbers, I'll be able to cheat.

I got to decide what was etched into the metal plate on the box they came in. I decided to go with "Dice!". This is nothing to do with the fact that the cufflinks have dice in them, because I have a tray that I keep my cufflinks in. Rather, it's so I can use the box to hold dice.

From such acts of recycling shall the planet be saved.

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