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10:44am on Sunday, 12th June, 2022:



As more than a year has passed since the CE317 exam last year, I believe it's now safe to share some of the answers that candidates (usually mis-)wrote. I don't know who's responsible for any of these, as the exam was anonymous; I think I filtered out all the ones flagged as coming from people with a specific learning difficulty (i.e. dyslexia) though.

the user might be battling a large destroyer sized battleship

A chaotic, cooperative game that incorporates vastly different genres of games into a rouge-like Shoot 'Em Up!

you aim is to use the most efficient amount of Manner and not waste it all

Zork, features a clean text box that will be sued to interact with the game

The Slasher is going to see like a cut and dry villain

as an edgy, realistic style that is set in the year 1950s gain more power to try finally over throne the king

the roads are made of dirt, chickens and all sorts of birds wandering around

The game allows you to modify the story line, in the pursuit of defeating an evil soul about to destroy Hampshire.

heroes are very week if they have no skills and equipment

Players can decide to clean neutral wild monsters slowly

Virtue ethics is, as the philosopher states, that curtain character traits are objectively positive

Technology advancements are pre speculate in a loot of media.

Thus, most MMORPGs have adopted the guilt systems, where people can group themselves based on their interest

Stars Wars was head of its time

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