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6:33am on Thursday, 9th June, 2022:



I'm driving to Yorkshire today to see my dad (who's been in hospital with a chest infection). I'm driving back the same day.

Apparently, there are roadworks and other long-standing problems on the A1. Normally, I'd take the A120, A1, M18 and M62 to get as far as Hull, but Google maps is telling me that I should leave the A1 earlier and take the A46 and A15 (over the bridge). Yesterday, it told me to take the A12, A14, A1088, A134, A10, A47, A17, A52, B1192, A153, A158, B1225, A18 and A15.

I'd ask my in-car satnav what the best route was, but it doesn't recognise the existence of certain new sections of the A1 so thinks I'm driving through fields and tries to make me turn right onto roads that cross overhead on a bridge.

I guess I'll be listening to the travel news on the radio, then. Wish me luck!

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