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9:25am on Saturday, 7th May, 2022:



After something like 3-5 years of looking for a new coffee table, my wife was getting frustrated. It turns out that very few people manufacture coffee tables that aren't too big, don't have glass tops, have gold-coloured legs, don't have a second level, are made of the wrong kind of wood, are too high, are too low, have ugly legs, are round, are oval, look like that, and are contemporary.

Fortunately, after ruling out every single coffee table for sale in UK shops or over the Internet, she became amenable to the idea of having one made to her specifications. In fact, she had two made, both in the same style.

Here's what the smaller one (a side table) looks like:

The only problem we have now is that she likes it so much she won't allow anything to be put on it.

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