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1:48pm on Monday, 1st August, 2022:



The Bezique playing cards I bought recently came in a box (marked "Besique"). Not only were the cards in the box, but so were the rules (to "Besique") and these score counters:

Now one set of cards was manufactured by Reynolds. Reynolds also printed the rules, and because it's Besique rather than Bezique that rather suggests they did the box and score counters, too.

Those hands on the score counters look as if they're made of plastic, but they're not: they're made of metal. Plastic wasn't a thing in the 1860s, so that makes sense, but I don't know what the metal (it's not magnetic); brass, maybe.

I have no use for these, but it seems a shame to throw out something over 150 years old. I'm keeping the box as (having been fixed with duct tape, as the lid had come off) it's useful as an actual box, but the score counters can go to any Bezique player who wants them.

Also, the new carpet on our staircase looks good.

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