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9:11am on Wednesday, 28th July, 2021:

Testing Times


I had my eyes tested last week for the first time in several years. I passed (they were indeed eyes).

I'd bee a little concerned that the testing would give incorrect results as I had a small stye on my right eyelid. The optician noted it and said I had blepharitis. I told him it was more likely fungal than bacterial, but he said no, it's blepharitis, and sold me some stuff to get rid of it.

After three days of using this stuff, the stye (which had been going when I had the eye test) got far worse. I stopped using it, but still have a swollen eyelid and some kind of yellow-headed spot on the inside of it (touching my eyeball). I doubt it's dangerous, but it feels as if I have something in my eye the whole time, making it water something rotten.

This afternoon, I'm doing an interview for the No Prisoners, No Mercy podcast (with video). If you see it and think I look as if I've been in a fight, that'll be why.

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