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7:08pm on Friday, 28th May, 2021:



My university password has been reset "because of a significant potential security issue that was detected late Thursday evening".

I don't know what it's been reset to, but I have three options to change it to something else.

Firstly, I can change it using my most recent password. I don't know my most recent password because this is what they've just changed it to from what it was (that I did know).

Secondly, I can have them send a new password to my external email address. To do this, I need to answer the security question. I am not told the security question. I therefore do not know what the answer to the security question is.

Thirdly, I can log in using a one-time password sent to my external email address. I can request this be sent to me by filling in a form. The form wants me to tell it my date of birth and my PRID. I know my date of birth. I do not know my PRID. I don't even know what a PRID is. My PRID is "as printed on your staff or student card". It is indeed on my staff card. It is on my staff card in the form of a barcode.

If you email me at my Essex University address, it may be some time before I reply.

This is what comes of storing passwords unencrypted, Essex University IT people.

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