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2:37pm on Saturday, 27th February, 2021:



Last summer, I suggested to one of my colleagues that we should create a program that used nerual network techniques (his speciality) to turn game character faces into mor realistic, human-looking faces. I figured we'd see a lot of people using it, which would be good publicity for our games and AI group at the university. Unfortunately, the work dumped on us for preparing online-only teaching for our students meant it never came to pass, but it seems that other people have now created tools that can do similar things.

On the left, the face of my main character, Polly, in Final Fantasy XIV; on the right, what she looks like after being put through Artbreeder.com's portrait software.

I think I may have to run her through it again to make her look more human than she does here. Unfortunately, you only get three free goes then they want paying for more, and I also ran two other characters through the system. I don't mind paying for more, but I do mind the fact that it only accepts subscriptions, not one-off payments that don't renew.

It shows the idea wasn't bad in principle, anyway.

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