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1:43pm on Friday, 23rd July, 2021:



Back in the day, guilds in MMORPGs were created when a small group of players found themselves doing the same content, getting along well with one another, and deciding to form a guild so they could hang out together. This can still happen, of course, but by the time most players begin an MMO these days they're unlikely to find themselves in that situation. Worse, even if they do start a guild and begin canvassing for members, they're unlikely to meet with much success. Established guilds will be more attractive to newbies, luring them with fancy guildhouses, freebies, Discord and buffs derived from guild rankings.

The end result is a few large guilds, plus some small but high-end ones that have splintered off, and a slew of small guilds struggling to recruit. Few of them have much of a community spirit any more, guild chat being mainly dominated by a few individuals.

This situation could be remedied by capping the number of members a guild has. Limiting them to, oh, let's say 50 members, would not only give smaller guilds a fighting chance of recruting new members, but it would encourage people to set up their own guilds, too.

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea?

The last FFXIV guild I was in had over a thousand members. That was grim...

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