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2:49pm on Friday, 23rd April, 2021:



Me to supervisees: I have to organise your project demonstrations. Here is a list of 40 time slots when I'm available. Tell me which slots you CAN'T make, so I can offer the others to your second assessor. Don't tell me which times you don't fancy: tell me which ones you actually can't make. Your demonstration WILL be in one of these slots. If your second assessor can't make any of the the times you've said you're free then I'll choose a time when you've said you're not free. If you genuinely aren't free at that time but are free at other times you claimed you wouldn't be free, you may therefore regret it.

Me to wife: One of them is only going to tell me when they want their demonstration to be.

Student to me: Monday at 10am please.

Me to student: Aaargh, damn it!

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