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1:55pm on Monday, 22nd February, 2021:

96 Hours


There's a special deal on with Final Fantasy XIV. Over the next couple of weeks or so it gives 96 hours of free play to people whose accounts have expired. I thought I'd give it a go, to see what's changed since I stopped playing last year.

To this end, I decided I'd better dig out my notes so I can refresh my memory regarding what the heck all those icons mean on the screen. The first time I played FFXIV, I threw out my notes afterwards and regretted it; the second time (last year), I therefore kept them.

Ah. Where did I keep them?

I did remember having some difficulty deciding where to put them, but I didn't remember where I had indeed put them. I looked where I thought they were (and distinctly remember having put there), but they weren't there. I figured that I must have put them somewhere else afterwards.

I spent three hours looking for those notes. Three hours. I eventually found them, exactly where I thought I'd put them. What had happened was that I'd put them on top of some other notes, but not quite — I'd put them on top of the other notes except for the first page. The first page was on top of both sets of notes. This meant that when I saw the pile, it looked as if it was of the second set of notes, not of two sets of notes. Only when I went through them for maybe the third or fourth time did I actually look at what was in each bundle of notes and find that what the header page said was immediately under it wasn't immediately under it.


In the course of searching through every box and paper pile in my office I did, however, find some other things I'd misplaced so it wasn't entirely a waste of time.

I managed to play FFXIV for a few hours, but got killed repeatedly on the first boss in the first duty dungeon, so had to abandon it after maybe an hour of trying and failing. I'd like to say it's because I'm rusty, but I suspect it's that I'm incompetent.

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