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10:44am on Saturday, 20th February, 2021:

Rubin's Vase


Wanted: identical twins who either have 3D modelling skills and a 3D printer or carpentry skills and a lathe. Oh, and they'll need a camera, too.

Step one: take a photograph of one of your faces in profile. It doesn't matter which face, because you're identical twins.
Step two: design a vase that follows the contour of your profile.
Step three: use your 3D modelling or carpentry skills to make this vase.
Step four: stand real close to each other and place the vase in between your faces so it conforms to both your profiles.
Step five: take a photo of this from the side. You may need someone else to do this, come to think of it.
Step six: post it on the Internet where I can find it.

This will mean that I will no longer have to explain to people why it is that when I see the Rubin's Vase illusion, I never have any trouble seeing both the faces and the vase at the same time.

Oh, maintain social distancing while you're doing all this, please, twins.

Next time someone shows me the illusion, I'll tell them I can see a rabbit — no, a duck.

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